Instructors: Joanna Jennings

                       Michael Kensinger 

Open Class Schedule

Monday      -  6:00 PM

Tuesday      -  8:30 AM

Wednesday-  6:00 PM

Thursday    -  8:30 AM

Saturday     - 10:00 AM

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Zumba Gold

This class is great for:

Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba class  at a lower-intensity.

The  class has easy-to-follow moves  that focus on balance, range of motion and coordination.
Low-impact Zumba-standing or sitting.

Come to Zumba Gold

 with Pam McConnell

Tuesdays and Thursdays       11AM​ 



& Joanna

Join Forces

    Indoor cycling classes offer an excellent workout to improve your cardiovascular endurance and build strength especially in the quadriceps, gluteus, ham strings, and calf muscles. Participants of all levels welcome- you control your own intensity level. Lose yourself in the music while you burn calories like crazy. Free trial classes by appointment.