Northern Blair County Recreation Center

Serving youth and fitness needs of our community is our #1priority

Instructor: Nick Diehl

Blow off the stress while burning off calories with this Cardio Kick Boxing workout!

Take out any frustration you might have on this kickboxing routine, and you'll feel relieved and accomplished by the time you're done.

If you are having trouble finding the motivation to workout, try to think ahead to how much better you're going to feel once your workout is over. If you're struggling with motivation, you're spending the energy worrying about it anyway - why not just stop worrying and get it over with? You'll not only feel less stressed, you're also going to give yourself a sense of accomplishment. As an added bonus, you will have burnt a significant number of calories, as well.


In the Cardio classes, students will learn stress management that can be used everyday, a wide array of self control and respect.

Monday & Wednesday

Time:   6:30 to 7:30 PM

Per Class:

Member $ 5.00            Non-Member $7.00